Election Season – It’s Kind of Like that Movie “300.”

February 7, 2014

As I read Matea Gold’s (Washington Post) piece about the Koch brothers’ attack against Democrats this election cycle, I couldn’t help but envision a scene from the movie “300.”  Two armies, clashing together in a winner take all battle…but without those undeniably impressive six packs.  This – is – AMERICA!!!

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) already has pumped more than $27 million into advertisements for the 2014 election cycle – November still nine months away.  AFP is taking aim at the Democrats, but I don’t know that it’s fair to call it a pro-Republican organization.  It’s shown before its willingness to cannibalize when, in the 2010 elections, it ate its own kind during the Tea Party’s rise to power over the GOP.

Of course, the Democrats, on the defensive, want to start lobbing money bombs back the other way.  You know, because that’s a productive cycle to get into.  Nothing fixes a country like spending millions of dollars on campaign ads.

Just imagine, $27 million.  Do you know what $27 million could do?!  That could buy a year’s worth of HIV treatment for 1,173 individuals.  It could pay the college tuition costs for 424 students attending a four-year public university.  It could buy 243,000,000 meals for the nation’s hungry and malnourished.

Instead, it bought some political ads.  In other words, it just made several million Americans change the channel.

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